5 Minutes That Could Change Your Life

It takes about 5 minutes. The police decide to arrest you; they put on the hand cuffs, and put you in the back of the squad car. Your life is about to change, and if your not careful, that change could last the rest of your life.

Few things are more stressful than being arrested and charged with a crime. It’s particularly stressful because you know you have a lot to lose. You could lose your freedom, you could lose your job, and you could even lose your future.

A criminal conviction affects your “future” because you could lose your job and because you could be disqualified from doing certain jobs or being employed in certain industries. For example, a truck driver who gets a DWI will lose his job as soon as his license is revoked. A person convicted of simple assault is barred from doing police work because he or she will be unable to carry a firearm. Persons found guilty of criminal conduct are immediately disqualified from being employed by a municipality.

These are just a few of the statutes that could affect your rights and your ability to find work if your convicted of a crime. To see if your job or a job you’re interested in will be affected by your criminal charge see:  Chapter 609B. Collateral Sanctions