Minneapolis Drug Charges Lawyer

Drug cases come in all shapes and sizes. A person caught with a marijuana cigarette will normally be charged with possession and will be facing a small fine or a few days in jail.

On the other hand a person caught with meth or heroine will also be charged with possession and could be facing a possible prison sentence.

If you’re caught with enough drugs you will be presumed to be a drug seller and circumstantial evidence will be used to prove a drug distribution charge. For example, drugs may have been found in a person’s home but because of the amount of drugs or the way the drugs were packaged the individual is charged with drug trafficking instead of simple drug possession. To make matters worse, the prosecution will work twice as hard to get a conviction in a drug distribution cases and judges often impose stiff fines and prison sentences in such cases.

With so much at stake you need to take action right now to protect yourself. If you’re charged with a drug crime don’t talk to the police or go into court without an experienced Minneapolis drug charges lawyer standing by your side.