Minneapolis Fleeing a Motor Vehicle Lawyer

In Minnesota a person is guilty of “fleeing” in a motor vehicle if they increase speed, extinguish motor vehicle headlights or taillights, refuse to stop the vehicle, or use other means with intent to attempt to elude a peace officer following a signal given by any peace officer to the driver of a motor vehicle. If you suspect you are being asked to pull over or stop by the police you should always stop.

The penalties for “Fleeing” are severe. On a first offense you will lose your drivers license for at least 1 year and you will be charged with a felony and may be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than three years and one day or to payment of a fine of not more than $5,000, or both. A “fleeing” charge could also result in the forfeiture of the vehicle.

The peace officer must be in the act of discharging an official duty and communicate with voice, hand jesters or warning lights that he wants a vehicle to stop or pull over. Based on all of the circumstances, if the perpetrator takes action to elude the police once he or she knows or should reasonably know, that the police are attempting to stop their vehicle they can be charged with fleeing.

At the McKee Law Firm we take fleeing charges seriously.  The penalties are self explanatory but once you get a fleeing conviction on your record you are much more likely to be stopped by the police and treated in a more hostile manner. Contact our experienced Minneapolis fleeing lawyers if you have been charged with this crime.